Our vision

To become the world’s most powerful and trusted global commodity chemical fulfilment platform.


SourceForce.io is an invitation-only global network of vetted, highly-quality commodity chemical suppliers. Every member has passed a rigorous assessment including commercial and environmental track record, product and facility inspections, financial condition, governance standards and industry reputation checks. This ensures that we build a robust and trustworthy ecosystem where international trade can thrive.


We’re empowering the commodities industry with access to institutional-grade technology that takes the guesswork, paperwork and gruntwork out of procurement. This allows businesses of all sizes to reduce costs, streamline processes and de-risk their operations from the get-go.


We are on a mission to deliver innovation that matters. In the face of disrupted supply chains and uncertain macroeconomic conditions, we’re building the vital tools needed to overcome the challenges ahead. We help you make well-informed business decisions through data, unlock supply chain agility and better understand the global market landscape to safeguard the future of your business.